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          一. 找出不同类的单词。(10分)

            ( )1.A.thousand B.kilometre C.hundred

            ( )2.A.Canada B.England C.American

            ( )3.A.belive B.bamboo C.copy

            ( )4.A.show B.never C.often

            ( )5.A.CD ROM B.library card C.lucky


            <一> 1.knife (复数)_____________ 2.east (反义词)___________

            3.ride (现在分词)___________ 4.bike(同义词)___________

            5.easy(反义词) ___________ 6.write(同音词)__________

            <二>1.It’s got (完整形式)___________ 2.let’s (完整形式)__________

            3.have not (缩写) _____________ 4.that’s=__________

            <三> 宾格1.I ( ) 2.he ( ) 3.she ( )

            4.they ( ) 5.we( )

            三. 用英语写出下列短语。(16分)



            5.端午节_______________ 6.照相______________

            7.7:30 _______________ 8.4:50______________

            四. 选出正确的选项。(20分)

            1.Do you like _____ books?

            A.read B.reading C.reads

            2.These______ some stamps from China.

            A.am B.is C.are

            3.Do you want _______ the zoo?

            A.to visit B.visit C.visits

            4.My grandpa ______ noodles.

            A.like B.liking C.likes

            5.You _______ playing with dolls.

            A.am B.is C.are

            6. I’ve got a postcard______ it’s from my friend.

            A.and B.but C.for

            7. We are from ______ and we are ________.

            A.Canada ,Mexico B.China ,Chinese C.American ,Amereca

            8.I want to go skating,______it’s too warm.

            A.but B.and C.of

            9.She often _____ with dolls.

            A.play B.plays C.playing

            10.Please stand ____ line.

            A.at B.in C.on


            ( )They love the sun. A. Cats

            ( )They play with children. B. Snakes

            ( )They like fish . C. Dogs

            ( )They like water . D. Bears

            ( )They sleep in the winter. E. Pandas

            ( )They love bamboo. F. Elephants.


            1. Look at this photo.(复数形式)


            2. Ride your bicycle here.(否定句)


            3. Daming likes playing football.(改为一般疑问句)


            4. I want to go to HongKong.(改为一般疑问句)


            5. What a beautiful picture is it!(翻译)


            七.写作:征笔友.(包含年龄,性别,能力,爱好等) (8分)

            My name is lily,_____________________________




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