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            ( ) 1. A. younger B. stronger C. longer D. thinner

            ( ) 2. A. toothache B. stomachache C. earache D. eyeache

            ( ) 3. A. skiing B. skating C. speaking D. snoring

            ( ) 4. A. sing B. sings C. sang D. sung

            ( ) 5. A. skating B. swimming C. sleeping D. swinging


            1. Last weekend they went to a zoo and saw some elephants. ( )

            2. Amy watered plants and visited her grandparents yesterday. ( )

            3. Look at my dress. How beautiful it is! ( )

            4. Mike has a cold. ( )

            5. The black dog‘s tail is longer than the white one. ( )


            ( ) 1. A. I’m 160cm. B. I‘m 21 years old. C. I’m 48kg.

            ( ) 2. A. I like the blue one. B. The blue one. C. It‘s a lovely bag.

            ( ) 3. A. She’s tired. B. He has a fever. C. She got the flu.

            ( ) 4. A. I cleaned the room. B. I clean the room.

            C. I can clean the room.

            ( ) 5. A. I went to Hainan. B. I will go to Hainan._
            C. I want to go to Hainan.



            1 2 3 4

            1. Miss Dove is _______________ than Mr Rabbit.

            2. She has a ___ .

            3. She is ___________ clothes.

            4. We sang and ______________ yesterday.

            5. She looks _____________. 5


            yours sick sore surprise hello

            1. My grandma feels _________. She goes to see a doctor.

            2. Thank you and say __________ to my friends.

            3. He buys me a present. He wants to give me a ___________.

            4. My hands are big, and ________ are small.

            5. - What‘s the matter with you?

            - I have a ________ throat.


            John: How _____1______ your weekend, Mike?

            Mike: It was great.

            John: What did you do?

            Mike: I ______2_____to a park with my family.

            John: How did you feel?

            Mike: We were _____3______. We rowed a boat and climbed mountains.

            John: That was fun.

            Mike: We took many pictures. What did you do?

            John: I went shopping with my mother?
            Mike:______4_______did you go?

            John: We went to Wangfujing. My mum bought some presents.

            Mike: Did your mother buy any presents for your brother?

            John: Yes, he will _____5_____ 12 years old next month. We bought some books for him.

            Mike: He will be happy.

            ( ) 1. A. is B. are C. was

            ( ) 2. A. went B. go C. going

            ( ) 3. A. tired B. scared C. happy

            ( ) 4. A. What B. Where C. How

            ( ) 5. A. be B. is C. are


            ( ) 1. I like drawing pictures and she____________.

            A. like singing B. like to sing C. likes singing

            ( ) 2 . Wu Ming is a girl, she _________ long hair.

            A. has B. was C. have

            ( ) 3. He is going ____________ artist.

            A. to an B. to be an C. an

            ( ) 4. She is _________ than me?

            A. strong B. strongger C. stronger

            ( ) 5. I went _________ a holiday.

            A. to B. on C. with


            1. good a Have time .

            2. did you there How get ?


            3. sang with I danced new my and friends .


            4. went holiday We Canada on to our .


            5. you watch yesterday Did TV ?



            1. Where are you going on your holiday?


            2. Where did you go on your holiday?


            3. How did you go there?


            4. How are you today?


            5. How tall are you?



            Last weekend we had a birthday for our classmate Zhang Xiaohui. She is younger than me, but I am shorter than her. And she looks stronger. Of course she is heavier than me. We went to a shop to buy a present for Xiaohui. What did we buy? We bought a doll for her. Because she told me “ I haven’t got a lovely doll.” When she got our present she looked excited. She was very happy. We went to the zoo. We saw elephants. We wanted to row a boat in Jingming park, but it was later, we had to went home. We had a good time on that day.

            ( ) 1. Xiaohui is taller than me.

            ( ) 2. I bought a doll for Xiaohui.

            ( ) 3. We went to a shop last month.

            ( ) 4. They had a good time on Xiaohui‘s birthday.

            ( ) 5. We rowed a boat in the park.


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